Restaurant Marketing

 Get More Customers and Increase Revenue


[su_spoiler title=”POSITIVE RATING & BEAUTIFUL PROFILE ON 20+ RESTAURANT REVIEW WEBSITES AND APPS” style=”fancy” anchor=”Rating”]

Get Hundreds of Reservations each month

Proper set up and maintenance of your Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Google Local and 20 other accounts to let you get the most of it.

Maintain positive Ratings and impression

Get more Newcomers, Stop Losing new Customers 90% of newcomers would check your standing on these websites before making a reservation.
Negative customers’ feedbacks or low rating are the major reasons for not getting hundreds of reservations every month.
Owner’s thankful replies to negative feedbacks demonstrates your striving to perfection despite any of the staff mistake.
This converts reader’s impression to extremely positive.

See how to Leave your Competitors Behind

We analyze customers’ feedbacks on your competitive restaurants
And help you emphasize your strong points to win their customer.

For example, when people are not happy that your competitors don’t offer vegetarian dishes, we will promote your New Vegetarian Menu.

Cost: $150 a week


[su_spoiler title=”USE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOUR PROMOTION” style=”fancy” anchor=”SocialMedia”]

Let your customers Come Back More Often
Daily engaging your followers with cool updates, contests, special offers, and a lot of interactions.

Your Patrons will Promote you to Thousands of their Friends
By posting something unique and motivating your patrons to share it,
we’ll get you recommended to all their friends with just 1 click.

Increase Your social media Following
We’ll constantly grow your followers base without any advertising budget.
You’ll see more & more people join your fan club.

Cost: $350 a week

[su_spoiler title=”SEND WEEKLY NEWSLETTER TO THOSE WHO EVER BOOKED YOUR TABLE” style=”fancy” anchor=”newsletter”]

Show them a reason and They Will Come Back
Those who’ve been to your place most certain had a good experience.
But since then they’ve been allured by hundreds of other restaurants’ fancy photos & offers and may forgot how much they liked your place.

Get in front of them every week with something special and they will surely come back and, of course, not alone.

Get more customers for parties, catering, increase slow days/hours traffic
Just tell us which one you prefer and we’ll send amazing photos, pitch and offer to those who enjoyed your place at least once.

See how Every Email Performs and what your Every Customer Does
State-of-the-art software immediately shows who got interested, made reservation, went to your website, Facebook, etc.,

This allows us to further customize your email list according to their preferences.

Cost: $230 a week


[su_spoiler title=”PROMOTE TO YOUR BEST CUSTOMERS – LOCAL RESIDENTS” style=”fancy” anchor=”locals”]

Get Attention of Thousands of Locals
Thousands of people who live nearby do regularly go to restaurants, have parties and order delivery daily.
With each check of even $120 per table, it’s a min of $240,000 a day that fly away from you
Just because they don’t know your place is their best choice. We’ll fix that!

We’ll Get Your perfectly made promotion Card Directly to Their Homes
We’ll find the most attractive messages to tell your locals, make elegant design and put it in thousands of their mailboxes/mailrooms or hands inside their homes (thanks to our unique relationships with the buildings’ concierges/management).

When they get a beautiful upscale made card at their home, they tend to look at what’s there.

All of them will learn a high value of your place and some will make a reservation at their earliest convenience.

Example: Even if 3% of 2,000 recipients will come once with their spouse or friend (with the $60 per person bill),
you earn $7,200 at their first visit.

If locals like the place they will come regularly and may also recommend it to their friends. So the actual number is larger.

When they already know you well: invite them for Parties/Delivery or at slow hours

Cost: $200 a week


[su_spoiler title=”GET MORE TOURISTS” style=”fancy” anchor=”tourists”]

Get a Steady Flow of Tourists sent by hotel Concierges
Manhattan gets over 60 million tourists a year and they do eat out.
But most of hotel concierges may not send you the customers for several reasons.

For example, many concierges don’t belong to the hotel – they are a part of the concierge companies and are not allowed to refer your place without the contract…

Let us take care of hotel concierges and enjoy a steady flow of major spenders.

Look Beautiful on major Tourists Websites & Apps
Most NYC tourists decide on the restaurant after checking out Tripadvisor, Yelp, Chow, Eater, etc.
We’ll make sure your place looks great, that diners talk about your place and the impression is good.
Otherwise, we’re afraid there are hundreds of reservation you’re not getting every month because these platforms are not taken care of properly.

Cost: $150 a week


[su_spoiler title=”BE NOTICED BY MEDIA / GET MORE PUBLICITY” style=”fancy” anchor=”media”]

Make your Place More Popular
Get recommended by Food section newspapers editors & food bloggers to hundreds of thousands of people who read/follows them.

Save your Advertising Budget
We’re keeping & developing contacts with media editors (not sales people).
It’s 100 times harder but it pays your off.
Editorials are more trusted by readers then ads, it’s readership rate is greater and it’s much more effective.
Switch your Ad budget to our media relations & enjoy the multiplied results.

Cost: $400 a week